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"Pica-pica" is a colloquial term that loosely means 'finger foods' or 'little snacks'.  It is a term often associated with getting together with friends or loved ones over drinks and tasty snacks.  It is akin to the term 'tapas', or 'happy hour'.   

So how it all started...  My spouse and I moved here from Metro DC area to be closer to family (in-laws) in 2013.  Couldn't find a job in my field (management consulting, project management), so I ended up traveling a lot to be where the jobs were, ending up in 


airports,  corporate housing, and countless of hours in windowless, boxy meeting rooms.  So what's the point of moving to Vermont if I can't be there!?  That's when eureka happened and the decision to leave the comforts of the corporate world was replaced with doing what I love: cooking, eating, and entertaining.  By the Fall of 2017, Pica-pica Filipino Cuisine came to be. 

We serve home-cooking so you'll get to experience what we ate growing up:  from hard-core traditional dishes such as Dinuguan, to an otherwise familiar dish with distinctly pinoy twist such as my Lola's Celery Chicken with Chorizo.  You'll taste island-Asian flavors, Chinese noodles, Indian-like curry (Kare-kare with peanut sauce), and strong Iberian influences and tastes.  

Since there are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, there is almost the same number of ways to cook the same dish, so variations are guaranteed.  One thing is constant though - all of them are truly FIlipino!  Enjoy and mabuhay!

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