Pica-pica (pee-kah pee-kah)

(n): a common magpie of Eurasia

(n): a rough translation of “A little bit of this, a little bit of that.”  In Spanish,

Picar is a colloquial term to ‘snack’ or to ‘nibble’.

(n): a term in the Philippines that simply means ‘finger foods’. Often associated

with delicious comfort food and chilled drinks with friends and family. 

(n): Vermont’s only authentic, full-service, Filipino restaurant!  And the only place where you’ll find the Philippine’s most popular beer, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, as well as Red Horse Beer!

NOTE:  Tipping is OPTIONAL.  In an effort to provide an equitable wage distribution for ALL of our employees, menu prices will be all-inclusive (except for taxes).  Sales-based commission will be shared by ALL employees.  Any additional gratuities will be pooled or given to a charity of our staff’s choosing.

Check us out on:



1214 Main St,

Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819


(802) 424-1585



Take-Out Schedule 

LUNCH:  11:30a to 2p

DINNER:  4:30p to 7pm

Wed to Sat, barring any emergencies or state health restrictions.

Call in case of inclement weather.  Your safety and the safety of our employees are our primary concern!



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