yes to living wages, tipping now optional

(A first in Vermont!)
Business Watch - Caledonia Record 9/7/2019

We're excited to announce that beginning this week, we will implement new product pricing that is all-in, factoring in traditional and historical service charges in our pricing. This will get us closer to Vermont's living wage standard, and ALL of our employees (dishwashers,  bussers, cooks, etc.) to benefit in our sales.  In other words, customers are no longer expected to leave gratuities since it will already be included.  That's right--NO MORE TIPPING!


Starting September 1st, our product pricing will factor in a variable source of income (gratuities), thus allowing our staff to have a predictable base pay, and additional income based on overall sales.  The all-in pricing provides ALL employees a fair and equal work environment where servers as well as dishwashers, cooks, bussers, etc. will share in all of the proceeds of our product.  Our pay policy will:


·  Encourage wait staff to focus on customer-centric services rather than sales.  No more questioning who owns what table, who's next to be seated, who should take care of who, etc.  In the new environment--one staff member will take ownership of a table, but EVERYONE is responsible for providing  excellent service to all.

·  Minimize or eliminate unintended biases by servers or by customers.  We have a diverse staff as well as customers.  We take out the 'ick' factor that nobody wants to talk about (unintentional biases), and redirect our staff to focus on quality of product and consistent service.  By deemphasizing these externalities, the push is towards the customer experience.

·  Promote a team-environment where ALL workers are fairly valued and compensated.  All workers will share in the success (or failure) of our business.  Part of their compensation will be derived from the overall performance of our business.  In other words, an individual staff's contribution can and will impact the bottomline, and thus giving them a stake in our business.

Filipino Cuisine Comes to St. Johnsbury

Seven Days -  9/26/2017

Before he opened his restaurant, Pica-pica Filipino Cuisine in St. Johnsbury, George Sales was an independent consultant and project manager. Now Sales, who was born and raised in the Philippines, spends his time cooking stir-fries, crispy egg rolls known as lumpiang, and kare-kare, a stew with oxtail, eggplant and long beans. "I've always loved entertaining; I've always loved cooking," said Sales. "It's been a passion of mine to open a restaurant."

The 30-seat spot at 1214 Main Street opened softly the second week in September and will expand to its full hours and menu next week. So far, Sales noted, the reception has been "phenomenal ... The community is really supportive."

In a Scholastic Aptitude Test analogy, pica pica would be to the Philippines what tapas are to Spain. The term — which describes small plates made for sharing, most often in groups, and for eating alongside beverages — is also the name of newish St. Johnsbury restaurant Pica-Pica Filipino Cuisine, which opened last September on Main Street. (To read more, click here).

Filipino Restaurant opens

 Burlington Free Press 2/21/2018

The Northeast Kingdom is known for its beer – having what has called the best beer in the world, Hill Farmstead, will do that for a region – but its dining scene is still developing, especially when it comes to more-exotic flavors. The newly-opened Pica-pica Filipino Cuisine restaurant at 1214 Main St. in St. Johnsbury is helping to change that with its menu that ranges from fried tofu with pork to pan-fried milkfish and kare-kare stew. Pica-pica’s winter hours are from 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays-Saturdays. 424-1585,

Business Watch

Business Watch - Caledonia Record 4/6/2019

Highlights of local St. J businesses... (To read more, click here).

Central Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom have recently welcomed new food establishments offering tastes of Asia and the western Pacific. Seven Days food writer, Hannah Palmer Egan, shares all the delicious deets in this VPR Cafe podcast!  (To listen, click here).

Business Watch

Business Watch - Caledonia Record 4/6/2019

Highlights of local St. J businesses... (To read more, click here).


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We will reopen in Early Spring once the pandemic has subsided, and many of us vaccinated.


Please call ahead for details. We'd love to cater your small private party for special occasions. Safety protocols will be implemented and followed.