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Sun Burst - Nation's Symbol




['ma-boo-hi', or simply, 'to live!']

Palm Trees

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'Kumain ka na ba?'

A shared meal with family and friends is a reinforcement of bond and kinship, and it is readily offered to foreigners as an expression of friendship and hospitality.  


At Pica-pica Filipino Cuisine, we serve traditional as well as creative twists to Philippine cuisine. You will experience our family's kitchen and home, so flavors and tastes are authentic, the welcome is genuine and smiles are sincere.  Just what you would experience in any typical Filipino home!  

A common question (or expression, perhaps) that underlies this core Filipino cultural trait is the greeting one hears when entering a home. You will be asked:

'Kumain ka na ba?' ('Have you eaten yet?').

Sun Burst - Nation's Symbol

Enjoy Lunch or Dinner!


Tue to Sat, 11:30 to 7:30pm.  

1214 Main Street, Saint Johnsbury, VT

(802)424-1585 *

Serving it up with RJ
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